With over 20+ years of servicing not-for-profit organizations with software asset management and managed services, Softchoice optimizes the hard-fought funding that non-profits leverage to deliver IT services, allowing organizations to direct budget to where it matters most – their core mandate.

Cost Efficiency
AWS provides elastic infrastructure that can expand and contract to meet any demand. The result: infrastructure costs are closely tied to demand, so you are only paying for what you use.

Improve Scale and Availability
With AWS, NPOs can modernize their promotional websites, fund raising platforms and internal systems to be more resilient, secure and scalable.

Smarter Outreach
With AWS’ you have immediate access to smart services that allow you to leverage Artificial intelligence, analytics and machine learning to make more informed decisions to help optimize your fund raising efforts.


Cost Optimization is in Our DNA
For over 20 years we have been helping clients get the most of their technology investments. In the age of cloud, new complexities require on-going management, inspection and optimization to prevent wasted cloud spending.

Enterprise-grade Managed Services with a Local Touch
Our managed services team provides the management, insights and support to keep your website, and internal systems humming, letting you focus on your core mandate.

Cloud demands new skills that many non-profit organizations neither have in house nor can afford. We are committed to developing the skills you will need longer term through our on-going mentorship.

Case Studies
See how together we’re making the world a better place.


MaRS Discovery district supports innovation with Softchoice and AWS 

Credit Union Delivers High Resiliency with Softchoice & AWS Cloud Storage Solutions
Child Development Organization scales outreach to help children and families globally with Softchoice and AWS
  Soccer Academy Alliance Canada delivers agility for over 20,000 players


Connect with a Cloud expert 

At Softchoice we have a philanthropic program that reaches across borders to show our caring in a very tangible way. Softchoice cares has raised more than $2 million to enhance opportunities for people of all walks to unleash their potential.

Softchoice Cares
Softchoice Cares is an employee-inspired and employee-driven philanthropic program that reaches across borders to show our caring in a very tangible way.

Power Up Grant Program
Breaking the cycle of poverty by providing students from low-income communities with equal access to technology and high quality digital learning.

Diversity and Inclusion
Softchoice believes in creating an environment where all employees – regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, religion or cultural background – feel accepted and supported to succeed.