For the past several years, data center infrastructure has been on the backburner as organizations explored cloud-first strategies. However, not all applications are fit for the cloud. IT leaders are now recognizing that an integrated hybrid approach – one that harnesses automation and portability, on-premise infrastructure and the cloud – is essential to deliver on the full expectations of the business.

In this webinar, we’ll dive into the importance of taking an application-led approach with an open, flexible hybrid architecture that will support legacy applications and power next-gen applications.

We'll cover:

  • The primary IT and business drivers for hybrid cloud
  • Key requirements and challenges in delivering hybrid cloud
  • How to achieve a seamless experience across on-prem and public cloud in a unified architecture
  • How IT leaders like VMware and Dell Technologies are leading the way to hybrid cloud
  • Real-life hybrid cloud case studies

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn where and how to get started with hybrid cloud.

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Meet Your Speaker
Matt Sirbu | Softchoice
Director Data Management &
Data Center Infrastructure
Matt Sirbu has spent over two decades in Information Management, focusing on data center optimization, protection, availability and data intelligence solutions. He leverages his education and experience to drive business agility through hybrid IT adoption. Having covered most market segments across North America (Enterprise, Commercial, Small/Medium Business, Government, K-12, and Higher-Education), he has demonstrated an ability to enter new industries, learn their unique requirements and develop comprehensive strategic direction with exceptional results. He joined Softchoice in July of 2015, coming from Dell where he was the Director of Storage Strategy for North America.

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