In the era of the cloud, enterprise software asset management (SAM) has crossed into a new frontier. Its continuing mission: To reduce your licensing spend. To seek new ways to eliminate compliance risk. To build your technology plan for tomorrow – and beyond.

A robust approach to SAM and license optimization could yield savings of 30% or more.1 Softchoice’s Enterprise Lifecycle Management (ELM) framework is here to ensure your SAM strategy survives and thrives on the voyage to the stars.

The ELM framework protects your SAM through programmatic expert support, including:

Structured reviews of your assets and licensing agreements

Insight into your deployments, entitlements and adoption

Service credits for deployment and adoption services

Expert guidance on vendor technology and licensing programs

Ready to Take Command?

Take your approach to software asset management (SAM) to warp speed by simplifying your license management. The Softchoice ELM framework provides expert help in reducing costs, eliminating audit risk and accelerating your technology roadmap. Learn more about ELM and book an appointment now.

Why Softchoice?

#1 Microsoft Software Asset Managed Service Provider

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1 BSA Global Software Survey 2018