What can a small or medium business (SMB) gain from a well-planned and well-executed migration to the cloud?

As you consider your options for bringing your SMB into the cloud era, Google Cloud deserves your consideration. 

During this webinar we will look at what the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can deliver across four major categories:

  • Google Scale: Search, YouTube, and Gmail Paved the Way 
  • Security by Default: A Multilayered Approach Built on Experience
  • Managed Services: Taking Cloud Convenience to New Heights
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud: Meeting Customer Where They are Today

Softchoice will work with you to understand the technical and business requirements of your small or medium business and find the right cloud services to meet them. As a Google Cloud partner, our team of industry-leading solution architects can provide the specialized knowledge and expertise to guide your GCP implementation.
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Meet Your Speakers

Jacob Badish 
Security and Cloud Advocate at Google
James Nimitz
Google Cloud Sales Specialist at Softchoice

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